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Production and Technology Division

I can work without feeling nervous because my senior colleagues give me the support I need.

Kana Onishi
Three years with the company

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Management dept

I can learn and try many new things, so I feel happy and the work is rewarding.

Takuya Nagashima
Eight years with the company

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Adhesives Processing Division

This is a workplace where each and every worker can be the main character and make use of his or her area of specialty.

Ryo Masuda
Nine years with the company

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Creating a comfortable workplace

1. We have the latest equipment

Our cutting-edge equipment environment includes unmanned forklifts that operate automatically and air conditioning.

2. A workplace where women
can work comfortably

Our factories have a clean and a well-managed environment where many female workers work comfortably.

3. Good company benefits

We offer many types of benefits such as maternity leave, childcare leave, property accumulation savings, a birthday celebration system, and sabbatical leave.

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