We manufacture and sell printing base paper used for stickers/labels and film processed products. Our factory is one of the largest in the country. Through meticulous product and hygiene management, we strive for technological evolution every day. We bear the important responsibility of delivering products that will assist various industries not only in Japan but throughout the world.

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process.

We handle all the steps of production in processing base paper for making stickers and labels, and cut them according to the specifications requested by our customers.

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Product control

Product control.

We make use of the network between customers, manufacturing sites, production technology, and R&D in order to maintain the highest quality in products that meets the needs of our customers.

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List of base paper for stickers/labels

List of base paper for stickers/labels.

We have the capacity to manufacture 300 varieties of paper. Our daily research and development activities are dedicated to meeting customer needs.

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Message from the President

We manufacture our products by
focusing on safety, security and quality.

Interview with Staff members

I can work without feeling nervous because my senior colleagues give me the support I need.

Kana Onishi
Three years with the company

I can learn and try many new things, so I feel happy and the work is rewarding.

Takuya Nagashima
Eight years with the company

This is a workplace where each and every worker can be the main character and make use of his or her area of specialty.

Ryo Masuda
Nine years with the company


The OSP Group is supported with a stable management foundation.


Manufacturing, processing and sales of seals, labels, Film Package, packages and labelers.


Finishing and packing of printed products.


Manufacturing and development of printing peripherals and maintenance work.


Procurement and sales of main raw materials and printing related equipment.


Production and management of plates for prints.


Manufacture and sales of tack papers.


Manufacturing of general commercial printing such as leaflets and pamphlets, and mail-order printing.

Oak Tech Inc.

Development, manufacture, and sales of various types of labeling systems and packaging equipment.

Primark America Corporation

Marketing survey & procurement and sales of major raw materials and printing related equipment.


Manufacture and sale of sticker labels and label labelers for domestic and foreign markets in China.


Manufacture of stickers and labels in China for domestic and international sales.


Manufacture of label stickers in Thailand. Retail and wholesale sales of label stickers and soft packaging materials, and the procurement of raw materials.


DTP and WEB print work.


Sales of film products and labeling systems in Australia.

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